About Us

Water Baby Jewellery is an ethical brand focused on sustainability, charity, and community. Each piece is inspired by the ocean, its vast power, magnificent colours and ability to make you feel alive.


We believe that to truly be a water baby a love for the ocean is not enough, we must also fight to protect it. That is why we use only sustainable or ethically sourced materials and are completely plastic-free.


"My name is Amber, I am the founder of Water Baby Jewellery and I handcraft each piece in my home studio on the South Coast of England.

Before I began making jewellery I worked abroad for 3 years. I have been a sailing and windsurfing instructor in Greece, partied through 3 winter seasons and created the most amazing memories along the way. 

Travelling and the ocean are a massive part of who I am and my jewellery is a reflection of that. Each piece holds a story from my journey so far and I look forward to what the future will bring. I welcome you to follow me on my newest venture. 

lots of love xxx"