Water Babes

We have built a community of Water Babes who have a love for the ocean, protecting our planet and adventure sports. Our mission is to bring women together via their connection to the elements. 

Currently we do this by hosting beach cleans and shining a spotlight on the incredible women in our community via the Salty Souls Series on our blog but this is just the beginning. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date with markets, beach cleans, socials and more.

Adventure Sports

The sports we love have shaped who we are today. From the thrill of extreme sports to the pure bliss of spending time in the ocean, we try to recreate those feelings in our jewellery. 

The rise in females participating in adventure sports is creating inspiration for others to see they can do it too. We want to encourage more women to get outside of their comfort zone as we know the joy that can be experienced when you do. 

Your Photos


Become an Ambassador


Apply for our Salty Souls Ambassador Program and help us grow our community. 

We are looking for Salty Souls and adventure seekers who are:

-Aged 18 and over

-An engaged Water Baby Jewellery supporter

-Subscribed to our mailing list

-Active online with content focused on the ocean, sustainability or adventure sports. 

-Able to create high quality photos



-15% off each order

-10% discount code for friends and family

-Loyalty scheme with free gifts and rewards

-Feature on our Salty Souls Blog

-Early access to new releases

-Opportunity to design your own bespoke piece of jewellery

-Get to know like-minded ocean lovers

To apply email us at including a bit about yourself and why you want to become an ambassador. Please include links to your socials and anything else relevant to your application. 

We look forward to hearing your responses!