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Ethical Jewellery.

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

A phrase you may have seen a lot across our website and social media is 'ethical jewellery' but what does that really mean?

We will never use a term without the knowledge to back it up and we believe transparency is essential. The word ethical is defined as relating to beliefs about what is morally right and wrong. Therefore to us, ethical jewellery is a commitment to being as eco-conscious and community-focused as possible.

We believe being an eco-conscious business is the only option that makes sense. To protect our planet, we use only recycled and ethically sourced materials, looking for trusted suppliers with the same morals as us. We try to minimise waste by keeping our packaging simple, recyclable or reusable.

It is important for us to be community-focused as well. Charity work is at the roots of our business and by hosting fundraisers and donating profits we have raised over £2000 so far. We donate £1 from each order to multiple causes. Alongside this we work to build a community of Water Babes who have a love for the ocean, protecting our planet, outdoor/extreme sports and supporting other women. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date with markets, beach cleans, meet-ups, water sports and more.

Our main focus will always be people and the planet over profits.

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