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Mountain living.

The mountains are my second home. My Dad lived there whilst I was growing up so I was lucky enough to visit frequently. In the winter, their snowy peaks make the perfect playground. I began skiing at 5 years old and have snowboarded from the age of 16, this is where my passion for extreme sports began. In the summer, they create a jaw-dropping background for adventure trails and lakes.

Whenever I return to the mountains I am filled with a sense of peace. Their presence, big and beautiful, humbles me. The simple lifestyle brings me so much joy and is truly addictive, I never want to leave. I worked three ski seasons before starting Water Baby Jewellery and the mountains have taught me many lessons, I wouldn't be who I am today without them.

My recent visit to the mountains was difficult. The loss of my Dad was heavy but I felt that he was still there with me, in the slopes we once rode together, the restaurants we used to eat at and the places we had called home. Through this time the mountains helped me heal. They kept me grounded, allowed me to let go and find joy in places I thought I never would again.

The Mountain Collection may be a step away from my usual ocean inspired creations but it is one filled with so much meaning. I will always carry the essence of mountain living with me and now you can too.

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