Salty Souls Series: Becky’s story.

Updated: Jul 22

Tells us a little bit about yourself?

I’m 23 and I have always been a water baby! Cornwall is where I call home (although I was born in Plymouth) and since finishing my degree at the University of Bath I’ve worked as a swim teacher but now I’m currently working as a carer. I grew up abroad in Qatar & Kuwait but I made sure I was never far away from a pool or the sea, eventually I moved to a boarding school in the UK to follow my sporting career as a swimmer. From there I moved to Bath for uni & just before my final year we went into lockdown. All of which were entirely different experiences but all kept me connected to the ocean and various water sports!

What is your connection to the ocean?

The ocean has always been my happy place, if I need a wind down from work or the sun is shining and I’m outside you’ll always find me in or on the water! I’ve always been confident in the water and felt at ease whenever I’m by around the sea. I’ve been so lucky to always be by the sea, so much so that whenever I’m away from it even just overnight all I want to do is get back to it. There is definitely a growing community of women that surf, swim and paddle in the sea & I’m definitely here for it!

What are your favourite action/adventure sports?

My life has always revolved around sport, from swimming and surfing to cycling and the odd attempt at skydiving. Challenge me to it or suggest I get involved & you’ll see me there. After finishing university I took a step back from my swimming career but wanted to be involved and give back (hence why I continued on as a swim teacher). Lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to set my sights on a new sport, which is where I re-found my love for cycling. All the sport I do allows me to clear my head and get into a positive and great full mindset. In all honesty keeping myself, my family and friends happy, healthy and safe is everything to me, it drives everything that I aspire to do and have done.

How does Water Baby Jewellery make you feel?

What more can a gal ask for?! Water Baby Jewellery connects to me in so many ways, not just the water loving and ocean themed aspects. Ethical jewellery is the way forward! Buying from and supporting a business that is actively trying to protect the planet and do good whilst producing stunning products not only makes you feel good it is also a great way to support smaller businesses that are doing the planet proud. I love finding new sustainable and ecofriendly companies that are small independent but super successful. Water Baby Jewellery’s gorgeous designs, genuine love for nature & community focused outlook are my favourite things about the business.

Becky wears the Water Baby Hoops at her local beach in Cornwall.

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