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Salty Souls Series: Sophie's story.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Tell us a little about yourself.

I was lucky enough to grow up around the lovely Poole Harbour. Coming from a fishing family and with Dad working in the marine industry, I had no choice in being introduced to the sea at a young age, learning how to waterski aged 8. Funnily enough deep water scares the hell out of me. Despite the fact I’m a bit of a sissy in deep water, I decided it’d be a great idea to make the sea my workplace and become a watersports instructor. Worked a few summers abroad then migrated back to the motherland a few years back. Since then I’ve been teaching in Poole Harbour which has definitely made me appreciate where I live a lot more than I used to. I’m now planning on selling my soul on super yachts as deck crew for the foreseeable and see what doors it’ll open for me.

What are your favourite sports?

Up at the top has to be windsurfing. Partly because my helmet matches my board so it looks pretty damn cool. I love being towed behind a boat, whether it be on a ski or a wake board. You can’t beat a good ringo either.

What is your connection with the ocean?

It’s somewhere that’s guaranteed to make me feel 100x better if I’m having a down day. Even if I’m not in it.. just seeing it seems to do the trick. I don’t think I could ever live away from the sea for a long period of time.

How does Water Baby Jewellery make you feel?

For starters pretty proud that my good friend has built something so special all on her own and done so so well out of something she enjoys doing. I love the fact every item has a story behind it. That just shows how much thought has gone into a single piece of work. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Amber and her amazing business.

Big shoutout to Sophie for sharing her story and just being an all-round legend.

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