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Tips for a sustainable Christmas


We believe in quality over quantity and recommend purchasing thoughtful, long-lasting gifts from local and small businesses. This can help prevent the number of unwanted gifts that end up in landfill. Buying someone an experience is also a lovely way to gift sustainably.

Gift Wrapping

Some great eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts are reusing wrapping paper, buying recycled paper or using scarfs, get creative! Avoid glittery and shiny paper as they often have a thin layer of plastic meaning they cannot be recycled.

Christmas Dinner

Think about how much food you will realistically eat to avoid waste and consider swapping your meat for plant-based alternatives.


There are often lots of parties during the holiday season. Try shopping second hand or re-vamping clothes you already have in your wardrobe.


Buy plastic free decorations or have fun and create your own. Buy Christmas trees from FCS certified forests where possible.


If you are local to Westbourne we recommend heading into Almond & Co for all your sustainable Christmas needs!

Plastic Freedom are a great online alternative for all your eco swaps!

Having a sustainable Christmas is not about perfection but taking little steps towards a greener future.

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