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Ring Size Guide

Buying a ring that fits perfectly can be a tricky task. We aim to make the process as effortless as possible so here are a few ways you can find out your ring size.

We recommend getting your fingers measured by a professional jeweller as this is the most accurate option however you can use these methods to find out your ring size at home.

Purchase a Ring Sizer here. Add it to your order alongside any ring and only pay for postage once. We will ship the ring sizer to you first and then begin crafting your ring once the size is confirmed . 

You can also measure your finger using a piece of string. This is the least accurate method however can work in a pinch. Wrap a piece string around the base of your finger and mark a point where the ends meet. Then do the same around your knuckle, making sure to pull the string quite tight. Measure the string with a ruler and enter both measurements in mm when purchasing a ring, we will do the rest for you.


Make sure to measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm. Keep in mind that the fingers on your dominant hand may be larger. 

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